Dear app users, fans and investors!


The FitSphere physical activity rewarding app has reached 17,000 downloads in six months. More than 130 partners have already joined with us in this journey and app users have made nearly 15 billion steps in that time, making 750 orbits around the World.


FitSphere’s ambition is to revolutionise the motivation business. That’s why we have developed a physical activity rewarding application – FitSphere.


FitSphere connects users with their favourite brands and rewards them based on their step count. Companies are willing to give out free sample products and exclusive offers, because FitSphere works as a high engagement marketing platform – a place where people are intentionally coming to see and purchase what they have to offer.


The aim of this capital raising round is to raise € 600,000, which is intended for expansion into the Swedish market and further development.


More about it on the Funderbeam Campaing page.


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