Together towards a more active and healthy organization!

Why start with a workplace activity challenge today?


  • Physical activity challenges improve employees’ health and physical form
  • Increase in productivity and motivation
  • Higher workplace satisfaction and moral
  • Less absence from work and more revenue
  • Decreased stress and happier employees
  • Great for brand image
  • Healthier employees means less costs
  • Brings team together through common goal


Still not sure? Contact us and there will be a great outcome!

How to create a really fun step challenge?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team who advise you and help you come out with a cool workplace challenge. Write us or submit the form below.

Let’s agree on the challenge goals and conditions. Set a start and end date, decide what it takes to be a winner and how many winners there will be. It can be based on the most steps done, a draw between all who achieved the goal or even a combination of these. Of course, we will answer all your questions and discuss all the interesting ideas there will be.

We help you to set up communication for employees to make sure there will be as many participants as possible. FitSphere will be there to help if any of the participants should have trouble getting things to work.

Once the details are set and the team has been informed there’s nothing more to simply give it a go!

Once the challenge has come to an end, the FitSphere app will let everybody know who the winners were and if needed, draw the lucky ones. Our specialist will also provide you challenge statistics so next time your team already knows what’s there to beat!

What’s more, FitSphere app has ways to keep your employees on track even if your next challenge hasn’t yet started.

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